About Us

Welcome to Café del Cielo, a heavenly taste.

About Us

Welcome to Café del Cielo, a heavenly taste.

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We are a Colombo-Canadian company that imports Colombian Coffee of the highest quality. We offer a 100% Colombian Arabica coffee of Single Origin, grown in the Municipality of Venecia, Antioquia, Colombia. Our coffee is certified by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), the only entity worldwide capable of certifying the authenticity of Colombian coffee and export quality. This allows us to offer our customers a high quality product, ensuring an experience for all the senses, flavor and aroma in just one cup.

Café del Cielo
“A heavenly taste”

Café del Cielo is delicately grown in rich volcanic soils at 1900 meters above sea level in the Andes Mountains in Colombia. Colombian coffee is said to be the softest coffee in the world. Thanks to the production process and its natural conditions such as altitude, latitude, and temperature in addition to extremely strict quality standards.

Café del Cielo is certified by the National Federation of Coffee Growers (Federación Nacional de Cafeteros), the only entity capable of certifying the export quality of Colombian coffee.



«As the CEO and owner of a company that specializes in selling 100% Colombian coffee, I am a passionate coffee lover and advocate for Colombia’s coffee culture. With a clear and determined vision, my goal is to bring the excellence and authenticity of Colombian coffee to consumers worldwide.

My passion for Colombian coffee is reflected in every decision I make. I work closely with a talented and dedicated team, fostering innovation, creativity, and excellence in all aspects of our business. I am dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations and taking the name of Colombian coffee to new horizons, solidifying our position as leaders in the gourmet coffee industry».

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Do you want to know the origin of Café del Cielo?

According to an old legend, Arabica coffee growers secretly grew coffee for years since it had become their favourite drink. After discovering the delicious beverage, an Italian merchant clandestinely introduced a small shrub to a country in Europe. Days later he cooked the plant in a monastery. obtaining a dark and bitter infusion which displeased him and threw it into the fire along with the shrubs. Within a few minutes, the air was filled with the delicious aroma of roasted coffee that is how coffee was born. The Arabic origins of the drink displeased the Catholic church, given the centuries of war between the two peoples. To prevent its consumption from spreading, the Catholic church referred to coffee as an “evil drink » but their efforts were in vain. To end the controversy, they brought the drink to Pope Clement VIII. The pontiff, who experienced a feeling of excitement and vitality, after drinking the aromatic beverage remarked » It would be a sin to leave the non-believers such a delicious drink. «

Now you can quietly enjoy the heavenly taste of Café del Cielo without fear of being condemned!

Meet Our Team

Sonia Herrera

Marketing Manager

David Prias


Alejandra Espinosa

CEO Assistant

Diana Granobles

Administrative Manager

Ana Saldarriaga

Communications Manager

Alejandra Valderrama

IT Manager